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July - December 2002

Macau licenses
Winners - announced February 8th 2002
Macau Tourism and Amusement Company (STDM) Dr. Stanley Ho & Associates*
Wynn Resorts (Macau) Limited U.S. - Macau joint venture.*
Galaxy Casino Company Limited U.S. - Macau joint venture.*
*Signed new contract with Macau Government
MP Entertainment Company Limited U.S. - Macau joint venture.
MGM Mirage Macau U.S. - funded company.
Macau Star Limited Malaysia - Macau joint venture.

July 9th update: As the three chosen candidates have now signed their contracts with the Macau Government it would seem extremely remote that the substitutes will be called upon 


24th December         Macau          Source: Northern Light/Xinhua
Macao's tourism industry grows rapidly in 2002

19th December         Macau          Source: Northern Light/Xinhua
Macao's economy takes on new look in 2002
Macau received 10.46 million tourists in the first 11 months of the year. 44.7% from Hong Kong, 36% directly from the Chinese mainland and 13.6% from Taiwan.

14th December          Macau & Singapore         Source: The Straits Times
Singaporean gambler held in Macau freed
The businessman had been kidnapped by loan sharking gangs that operate inside Macau's casinos.

11th December         Hong Kong          Source: East Asia Business Times
Stanley Ho mulls China ski resort project

26th November        Macau       Source: Northern Light/Xinhua
Casinos pay huge taxes in Macao
In 2003 casinos are expected to pay some $850 million in taxes - half of Macau's annual Government budget.

22nd November        Macau        Source:
Shun Tak raises casino stake - Shares soar 21% despite the threat of greater foreign competition in the wake of a more liberalised market

20th November        Macau        Source: Northern Light/Xinhua
Macao has more brilliant future: chief executive
Macao SAR chief executive vows to boost tourism, gaming industry

9th November        Macau         Source: KVBC- TV Las Vegas
Macau: The Next Gambling Goldmine - video - A broadband connection will be required.

6th November        Macau       Source: Northern Light/Xinhua
316 new firms set up in Macao in 3rd quarter

21st October        Macau       Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Macau says tourism booming and visitors reach record high
Stanley Ho's 11 casinos have 330 tables. Of the expected 11 million visitors to the island this year an estimated 75% do so to gamble.

19th September         Macau        Source: Northern Light/Xinhua
Macao casinos to pay huge taxes in 2002
Stanley Ho's Macao Gaming Company presently still runs all the 11 casinos on the island. Profits through the fist 8 months of the year were $1.75 billion or just over $7 million a day.

6th September         Hong Kong & Macau         Source: CNN Asia
Gambling tycoon to help fund H.K. bridge

31st August         Hong Kong & Macau       Source: Yahoo/AP
Macau Jockey Club wants to meet Hong Kong club over betting proposal

25th August         Hong Kong       Source: The Straits Times
HK's anti-offshore betting rule upsets little Macau
Turnover at the Macau Jockey Club has dropped by 50% since the ban on offshore beittng came into force for Hong Kong citizens. The Hong Kong jockey club had a betting turnover of over $10 billion in 2001/2.

17th August         Nevada & Macau       Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Macau mulls Nevada-style rules - Sources: Wynn meets with nation's officials

29th July       Macau        Source: The Straits Times
Macau's new casinos to spawn 10,000 jobs

26th July       Macau        Source:
Chips are down for enclave's outmoded labour laws
The Macau Gaming Industry Workers' Union who represent a majority of the islands 7,000 gaming staff are in a dispute with Stanley Ho's SJM over new employment contracts.

25th July       Macau        Source: Xinhua News Agency
Macao casino giant reports profit leap for 2001

20th July       Macau       Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Higher casino tax raises Macau's income
The Macau Monetary Authority has announced that casino tax rose 19.1% to 3.44 billion patacas (US$431 million) in the first half of 2002. The island's government presently receives some two thirds of it's annual revenue from Stanley Ho's 11 casinos.
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