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July - August 2004
Internet & Online

31st August           Cyprus & London  
UK Law Firm Works To Create Legislative Framework For Internet Gambling In Cyprus
Like Malta, Gibraltar, Alderney & the Isle of Man, Cyprus appears to be interested in offering Internet gaming licenses.

25th August         London           Revolution Magazine
William Hill hires Poulter for digital TV channel launch
Hill's television channel is scheduled to go live on Sky in October.

24th August         Costa Rica           Yahoo/PRNewswire
CasinoWebcam, Home Gambling Network Settle Dispute
Not much meat on the bone with this press release. Details are said to be confidential.

23rd August         San Jose, Costa Rica          PRNewswire Details Growth Strategy Following Successful London Stock Exchange Listing

23rd August         Louisiana           CNET News/New York Times
Lawsuit claims free speech for online casino ads

21st August         New Orleans, Louisiana           Casino City Times 
Casino City's Attorney Barry Richard Discusses Lawsuit to Declare Online Gambling Ads Legal Free Speech

20th August         London           New Media Age
Channel 4 prepares for mobile and online betting launch

19th August         Australia           The Herald Sun
Online betting block looms

17th August         New Orleans           Las Vegas Sun/AP
Web site wants free speech for foreign gambling ads

11th August         London & Louisiana 
eCOGRA and Casino City Announce Collaboration Agreement

10th August         Baton Rouge, Louisiana            Interactive Gaming News
Media Firm Challenges DOJ Ad Policy

10th August         Barbados            The Nation
Web Casino Gambling Pits US vs Antigua

9th August         Baton Rouge, Louisiana            Casino City - Press release
Casino City Files Suit Against U.S. Department of Justice
Casino City first went online in 1995 and is part of a network of sites specialising mainly in traditional casino information, but with a very liberal sprinking of Internet casino banners and advertisements.

9th August         Madrid, Spain            PRNewswire
'Beckham Ball' Changes Hands Again - Next Stop: Space
The never ending publicity campaign from is set to blast off into space on October 2nd.

7th August         Canada & U.S.  
Online casino bets on Canadian space racers have once again opened their cheque book and parted with a six figure sum.
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7th August         Las Vegas           Las Vegas Review-Journal - John L. Smith
Odds are that offshore, Internet betting will continue to grow

5th August         Toronto           Yahoo/BUsiness Wire
CryptoLogic Reports Strong Second Quarter Performance

5th August         Online Gambling           Business Week
Gambling Sites, This Is A Holdup
More on the DDOS attacks facing Internet casinos, Sportsbooks & Poker rooms. A number of them based in the Caribbean have caved in and paid up.

5th August         California           Techworld
Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves sued for illegal gambling

4th August         California 
Google and Yahoo! sued for 'illegal gambling ads'

4th August         San Francisco  &
Major Web sites hit with suit over gambling ads
Many Websites Sued Over Gambling Ads... For Breaking No Actual Law
The full 60 page document can be found at:

28th July         Online Gambling           Net Imperative bets on new PPC Engine

27th July         Online Gambling           ZDNet Australia
Police investigate suspected online gambling extortion ring

25th July         Australia           Sydney Morning Herald
Packer, Gallop to talk internet gambling

24th July         Toronto           Yahoo/AFP
Notorious Beckham ball ends up with Canadian casino - Sad news for England fans :(

22nd July         London & Russia
Internet gambling extortion racket broken up
Co-operation between Britain's National Hi-Tech Crime Unit and its Russian counterpart has resulted in 3 arrests in St Petersburg an in south Russia of suspected gambling website extortionists.

19th July         Online Gambling - Germany & Wiesbadener Tagblatt
Hessisches Online-Roulette & rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen
Die Wiesbadener Spielbank eröffnet das Online-Roulette

16th July          London & Tasmania           Yahoo Singapore/ABC
Betfair pushes for Tasmania gambling licence

16th July          Philappines          The Philappine Inquirer
Justice dept seeks ban of mobile phones in schools - Gambling is cited as the reason.

16th July          Hong Kong          Hong Kong Standard
Jockey Club push for global betting
- The HKJK website is one of the busiest sites world-wide offering gambling products.

13th July          Myanmar & China Daily
Yiwu Cracks Down on Online Gambling Scheme
Police crack online gambling scheme in Yiwu
A quite remarkable story about high stakes Baccarat play on the Internet. Gamblers in China placing their bets by mobile phone to a live game in Myanmar.

13th July          Canberra, Australia & Australian IT
E-gambling regulation 'not needed'
TAB loses betting exchange fight

11th July          Dublin, Ireland         Sunday Business Post
Paddy Power mobile betting 'going well'

10th July          London           Web Hosting Industry News
Gambling Sites Down, Netcraft Says

8th July          Pamplona, Spain           Yahoo & Sports Illustrated/AP
Several Trampled in Spain Bull Run
Rodman runs with bulls in Pamplona
Dennis Rodman is also in the thick of things as part of a promotion for
Yahoo/AP photos:

6th July          London - Remote Gaming &
Internet kiosk causes legal row
Legal row brewing over internet terminals

6th July          London  - Press release
Cantor Index launches Cantor Spreadfair - The worlds's first spread betting exchange

6th July          Toronto           New York Times
Gambling Sites Offering Ways to Let Any User Be the Bookie intends launching a betting exchange service on 21st July. Unlike other exchanges will target and accept bets from the U.S.
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6th July          London  - Press release
Gaming Corporation plc - Launch of new website

5th July          Budapest           Budapest Business Journal
Online gambling runs foul of local laws
Hungarian Gaming regulators believe that's recently launched Hungarian language website may be illegal.

3rd July          Aruba & Atlanta  and the World Poker Tour Head to Aruba for 3rd Annual Poker Tournament
An online resource for casino trade and industry news