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July - August 2002
Problem Gambling

31st August         Victoria, Australia       Source: Sun
Schoolboy addict loses $30,000
The story has been picked up by the Herald Sun. Reporters watched him play during a visit by Health Minister John Thwaites launching the new Pokie non-smoking policy. The player had considered putting himself on the exclusion list but he was not old enough!.

29th August         Nevada       Source: Las Vegas Sun
Letter: Complex issue of gambling often misunderstood
From Frank Fahrenkopf President of the American Gaming Association.

28th August         Victoria, Australia      Source: ABCNews Online
Nurses trained to recognise gambling problems

27th August         Melbourne       Source: Herald Sun
Mum lent casino bandit cash for bills
Gambling addict Thomas Mangos is still on the run after robbing the Crown Casino of A$130,000 at gunpoint last week.

26th August         New Zealand        Source: New Zealand Herald
Busty pokie machine comes under fire
"Dolly" is apparently a scantily clad cartoon slot giving advice to counter problem gambling in a leaflet issued by New Zealand Clubs.

26th August         Melbourne       Source:
Bank boss 'stole out of boredom'
Most of the procedes of the crime apparently being fed into Pokie machines.

24th August         Connecticut       Source:
Gambling Affecting State's Judgment - opinion
The writer looks at Connecticut's reliance on gambling revenues and why two 60 year old's were arrested for running a lottery game called "Bolita"

21st August         US      Source: Las Vegas Sun
Research offers hope for problem gamblers - Harvard study focuses on gambling and alcohol
The study from the Institute for Research on Pathological Gambling studied casino workers with an average of 4 years in the business.

20th August         New Hampshire      Source: Fosters Sunday Citizen
Gambling isnít healthy for the region - opinion

17th August         Ontario, Canada       Source: Northern Light/Canada News Wire
Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre Publishes Impressive Two Year Progress Report

11th August         London       Source: The Observer/Guardian
What odds do you give me on a return to the top Rank?
A statistic filled look at the Rank Group that operates under the Grosvenor Casinos and Hard Rock Casinos brands.

18th August         London      Source: The Observer/Guardian
Firms face levy for gaming addiction
The Government despite the expected windfall of increased tax revenue from gambling reforms, insists that the private sector must ante up £3 million for gambling addiction research & support through GamCare.

15th August         New Zealand       Source: New Zealand Herald
Gambling addiction costs job, house and reputation

12th August         New Zealand        Source: New Zealand Herald
Calls to Gambling Problem Hotline increase - in brief.

10th August        Victoria, Australia       Source: The Herald Sun
Glamour lures teen gamblers

10th August        UK      Source: The Guardian
£53,000 gambling debts led to suicide

9th August        Australia       Source: Australian
Problem gambler fails bid

8th August       Victoria, Australia        Source: The Melbourne Age
Gambling: the factor that almost destroyed a life
Hoteliers, ministers and churchmen find common ground
The pain of addiction
A cautionary tale of the sentencing of a bank clerk who stole A$1 million to feed his pokie habit. This year the Victorian Government will receive over A$1 billion in taxes from slot machines in Pubs, Clubs and the Crown Casino.

7th August        Beijing, China        Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Chinese bank employee gambles away stolen $2.5 million

7th August        Las Vegas        Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Problem bets addressed - Lobbying group's program aims to promote responsible gambling

7th August        Canada        Source: Gazette
Gamblers to get self-help - Program for problem VLT-users seeks bars' co-operation

5th August        Las Vegas       Source:
Casino Industry to Promote Problem Gambling Awareness in Las Vegas

5th August        Quebec, Canada       Source: The Halifax Herald
Lawyer to file $700m class-action suit against Loto-Quebec
This will be the first class-action problem gambling lawsuit in North America. The claim for damages is for C$578.7 million (C$4,863 for each of the 119,000 claimants) and exemplary damages of C$119 million. Loto-Quebec intends to vigorously contest the case.

4th August        South Australia       Source: Australian Advertiser
Gambling addicts stealing to play
According to a recent survey of 600 retailers, 54% claimed the growth of gambling had negatively affected their business. South Australia has a population of 1.5 million and 700 slot operations. 

1st August       US       Source: Detroit News
Casino myths shredded - Survey indicates many gamblers are financially stable

31st July       Reno      Source: Yahoo/PRNewswire
IGT Joins With Gaming Companies Worldwide to Raise Awareness of Responsible Gaming

29th July       South Australia        Source: ABC News online
SA Govt to probe gambling-crime link

25th July       Victoria, Australia        Source: The Herald Sun
Gaming crime plan
The Victoria Government is setting up a research panel to investigate how much crime in the state is caused as a direct result of gambling.

24th July       London        Source:
Gambling chiefs pressed to pay up
Despite the prospect of increased taxation revenues  from gambling reforms it appears that companies will be responsible for paying to fund gambling research programs and not the British Government.

23rd July       New Jersey        Source: Yahoo/Business Wire
Casino Gambling Continues to Dominate As Top Choice Of New Jersey HelpLine Callers

21st July       NSW, Australia       Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Gamblers in strife flood help services
An amazing 150 people a day seek counseling for gambling problems in New South Wales. 9 out of 10 cite slots machine play as the cause of their problems.

21st July       Winnepeg, Manitoba       Source: National Post
Study shows that many gambling addicts steal to support habits
Figures from the province of Manitoba indicate that 1 in 6 problem gamblers may be stealing to support their addiction. Citizens of Manitoba gamble an average of C$536 a year, the national average in Canada is C$424. 

19th July       Australia        Source: Northern Light/Market News Publishing
Australian's spent US$7.62 billion on gambling in financial year 2002
On average, each Australian adult gambled A$944 in 2000/01, up 21% since 1997/98, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has reported. Slots (Pokies in Australia) represented nearly two thirds of the total gambling spend.

17th July       Chicago, Illinois       Source: Yahoo/AP
Illinois gambling addicts can ban themselves from casinos under new plan

16th July       Illinois        Source: St. Louis Today/AP
Illinois sets up blacklist for gamblers wishing to ban themselves from boats

15th July       Detroit        Source: Detroit News
Casino losers rob banks - Gamblers with no past criminal records cross line to pay off debts, police say
The FBI reports that at least at least five people in Michigan, including a dealer at Greektown Casino have robbed banks in the past year to settle casino gambling debts.

15th July       Las Vegas        Source: Las Vegas Sun
Suicide study finds no link with gambling
Despite Las Vegas having the highest suicide rate in the US the study by the University of California, Irvine cannot find a connection with gambling.

7th July       Problem Gambling - UK        Source: The Observer
When Lady Luck turns into a lush
Lives on the table in casinos free-for-all
Estimates suggest that Britons now gamble £42 billion each year with around £7.5 billion retained by operators. 72% of adults gamble at least once a week. Serious concerns are now being raised about the increase in problem gaming and addiction with the increased availability of Internet and online betting in the home.

3rd July       Victoria, Australia         Source: The Herald Sun
Gambler's appetite fuelled
An accountant has been sentenced to a maximimum 3.5 years after he stole $1.3 million from his company and lost it all at the Crown Casino.

2nd July       Bangkok, Thailand         Source:
Hong Kong man commits suicide after piling up World Cup gambling debt
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