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July - August 2002

28th August & 1st September         Schaffhausen, Switzerland       Source: Yahoo Germany/ots
Casino Schaffhausen eröffnet - Verona Feldbusch rollte die ersteKugel
Eröffnung des Casinos Schaffhausen
Schaffhausen is a Class B casino with 6 tables and 150 slots and is a partnership between Swiss Casinos and Casinos Austria. Interiors were designed by Paul Steelman, Verona Feldbusch is a former Miss Germany and TV moderator.
Websites: or

31st August         Porto Carras, Greece       Source: Athens News
Imbroglio at Porto Karras casino - Development ministry, construction firm and two obscure businessmen stuckin legal tangle over Halkidiki gambling operation
The Porto Carras Casino, formerly Casino Magic was Greece's first privately owned casino. It has been closed for some time now, revenues dropped significantly in 1996/7 when Hyatt opened the Regency Casino in Thessaloniki.

30th August         France        Source: Northern Light/Les Echos & Le Tribune - Aug 29th
Partouche shares lose 9.52%
Groupe Partouche shares plummet
Européenne de Casinos: projet OPR+RO Groupe Partouche jugé recevable (CMF)

28th August         Paris      Source: Northern Light/AFX
Groupe Partouche: bénéfice net p/g 1S01/02 inchangé à 14 M EUR
Européenne de Casinos: res net p/g 1S01/02 à 0,6 M EUR (contre 4,5 M EUR)

26th August         Moscow       Source: The Moscow Times
Olympic Body to Take Over Lottery

22nd August         Slovenia       Source: - Aug 19th
Casino forced to pay record win in instalments
The win was at the Hit Casino in Kranjska Gora. website:

22nd August         Paris       Source: Northern Light/Les Echos
Partouche launches public withdrawal offer on Europeenne de Casinos - (Projet d'offre publique de retrait sur l'Europeenne de Casinos)

21st August         Bregenz, Switzerland      Source: Northern Light/AFX-CH
Casino Bregenz sieht Casino St. Gallen als Ergänzung statt Konkurrenz

21st August         Paris       Source: Northern Light/AFX
Européenne de Casinos: projet OPR+RO Groupe Partouche sur actions non-détenues

21st August         Rhodes, Greece       Source: Northern Light/Business Wire
Counterfeit 50-euro bills spotted in Greece
The suspect was apprended at Casino Rhodos. €200,000 in counterfeit notes has been confiscated in Northern Greece during the last week.

18th August         Italy and Switzerland     Source: Swiss Info
Le casino de Campione subit la concurrence suisse
In French. A look at the history of the casino at Campione that opened in 1917. It now is in competition with the "Class A" Lugano casino located just over the border in Switzerland.

17th August         Cannes, France       Source: Northern Light/Les Echos
Cannes' Palm Beach casino re-opens - (Reouverture des jeux au Palm Beach de Cannes)
The casino was closed for 11 years and has reopened with 17 tables and  50 slots. Groupe Partouche spending €10 million on restoration.

16th August         Berlin       Source: Berliner Morgenpost
Erste Hilfe für Zocker: Initiative gegen Herztod in der Spielbank
Among the slots and tables the Spielbank Berlin will now have on hand a defibulator in case of a customer heart attack.

16th August         Greece      Source: Kathimerini English edition
Gaming crackdown - Brief article in the middle of the page

13th August         Prague, Czech Republic        Source: Ha'aretz Online
Israeli crime boss gunned down in Prague outside his casino

11th August         Jericho & Ramallah       Source: The Boston Globe
Palestinians' new money man vows to clean up the books - some brief details about the Oasis Casino.

6th August        France        Source: Northern Light/Les Echos
Lucien Barriere flotation postponed - (La cotation du groupe Lucien Barriere remise a l'automne)

2nd August        France       Source: Northern Light/AFX
Hôtels Casino Deauville: bénéfice net 1S01/02 recule de 87% à €2,39 Million
La simplification et cotation de Lucien Barrière décalée à l'automne

1st August       Lisbon, Portugal       Source: Yahoo/Reuters Company News
Hotel Estoril-Sol Vai Ser Implodido
There are plans to demolish the famous Hotel Estoril-Sol that was built in 1965. The casino Estoril-Sol, around 3 km along the coast is managed by Dr. Stanley Ho on behalf of the local authority.

29th July       Switzerland        Source: Northern Light/AFX-CH
Casino Genf - Betriebsgesellschaft aufgelöst

24th July       Lebanon        Source: Lebanon Daily Star
Prosecutor looks into Casino du Liban - Allegations over ‘black box’ revenues will be probed

23rd July       Dublin        Source:
Paddy Power's interim profits more than double

23rd July       Jordan        Source: Northern Light/Al-Bawaba
Islamic Action Front opposes establishment of casino in Aqaba

22nd July       Amman, Jordan       Source: The Jordan Times & Yahoo/AP
Law does not prohibit Aqaba casinos - official
The above link is almost certain to change when site is updated.
Setting up a casino in Jordan is a 'sin,' powerful Muslim group says

20th July       Germany      Source: Welt am Sonntag
Richtfest für das Casino-Hotel in Travemünde

19th July       Italy      Source: Washington Post
Berlusconi Wins Confidence Vote
The Omnibus Bill was passed by the Italian Parliament. An measure to allow slot machines in arcades and coffee bars was dropped after members of the conservative coalition government objected to the plans.

19th July       Israel & Austria       Source: Ha'aretz Online
Acoustic problems delay floating casino
Casinos Austria's floating casino that was to be towed to Eilat from Miami has been delayed indefinitely.

17th July       Switzerland & France       Source: Northern Light/AFX-CH
Partouche will 20 Mio CHF in Casino Meyrin GE investieren
The Partouche Group, Europe's largest casino operator with 52 casinos (46 in France)  will open Casino Meyrin before the end of the year with an investment of SF20 million.

13th July       Greece       Source: Kathimerini English Edition
Parliament approves law banning slot machines - Brief article with little detail.

10th July       Switzerland       Source: Swiss Info
Casinos play by the rules
Swiss voters originally approved casino gaming in a national referendum in 1993. Luzern, Baden and Bern now have full "Class A" casinos in operation on 20 year licenses.

8th July       Bern, Switzerland       Source: Northern Light/AFX
Berner Grand Casino ist im Kursaal eröffnet worden
The Grand Casino in the Berner Kursaal has opened with 10 table games and 250 slots. It becomes the 3rd Class A casino to open being preceded by Luzern and Baden.

4th July       Switzerland        Source: NZZ Online
Die Kugel kann zu rollen beginnen - Das Grand Casino in Baden ist bereit für die Eröffnung
The second Class A casino in Switzerland to open will be Baden this Saturday. The gaming floor having 265 slots and 23 tables. Entry to the casino will be 10 Swiss Francs with the slots area free.

4th July       France        Source: Northern Light/AFX
Hôtels Casino Deauville: bénéf. net 1S01/02 en baisse de 87% à 2,4 M EUR
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