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January - June 2003

30th June         KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa           Source: Independent Online
No dice, KZN MPs say to gaming bill

24th June         South Africa          Source: SABCNews
Can the poor afford to gamble?
The much delayed rollout of LPM's in South Africa began last week in Mpumalanga. Critics argue that they are being placed deliberately in the poorest communities.

23rd June         Western Cape, South Africa        Source:
'Limit impact of gambling'
South African's now apparently spend 5 times more on gambling products than on books. Above the article is an advertisement for the Piggs Peak Internet casino.

20th June         Cape Town, South Africa         Source: Independent Online/The Cape Times
Chips are down for Cape's illegal casinos
In the last year the Western Cape Gambling Board and Police have closed 99 illegal gambling dens and destroyed 1,109 slots.

19th June         South Africa          Source: The Star
Those jingling coins came out of empty pockets - Opinion

17th June         Durban, South Africa           Source: Independent Online
Sun sets on KZN's gambling parents
Its not child's play for SA's casino kids
The Suncoast Casino in Durban and the SugarMill Casino at Mount Edgecombe have major problems with customers abandoning their children while they gamble.

12th June         North West Province, South Africa          Source:
Police raid casinos
Scores of illegal casinos raided in North West

11th June         Cape Town, South Africa          Source: Independent Online/Cape Times
Gamblers are not poor, insists casino boss
GrandWest's general manager, Kurt Peter believes that the majority of the casinos clients earn between R2,500 and R8,000 a month and are not poor.

10th June         South Africa          Source:
Don't bet on gambling - Editorial
Statistics from South Africa show  that 27% of people who play Lotto are unemployed, as are 22% of casino gamblers.

7th June          Durban, South Africa           Source: Sunday Times
Casino warns over gambling website -
There is an increasing number of scam lottery websites that request funds to be sent for non-existant jackpots.

6th June          Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa           Source: Independent Online/Cape Times
'The Gambling Board must come to its senses'
'A quarter of unemployed people gamble'
Most of those who play Lotto can't afford to
The Western Cape Government is now expected to oppose the siting of LPM's in the province. Recent statistics showing that over 70% of South Africans gamble including 25% of the unemployed.

6th June          Cape Town, South Africa           Source: All Africa/Business Day
Black Equity Partner Raises Casino Stake

5th June          Cape Town, South Africa            Source: Business Report
Parliament worries about gambling's growth

4th June          Johannesburg, South Africa          Source: Sunday Times
South Africa: a nation of gamblers
Statistics on South Africa's gambling market. Unemployment is 40% and average per capita income in 2001 was $3,020. Around 2% being spent on gambling products.

4th June          Johannesburg, South Africa          Source:
MPs oppose gambling in shebeens
South African MP's are increasingly concerned that Limited Payout Machines  will attract the poor and unemployed.

3rd June          Cape Town, South Africa           Source:
Over 70% of SA succumbs to Lotto fever
Amazing statistics from South Africa. At 70%,SA must have one of the highest lottery playing percentages world-wide. 43% of customers earn less than R2,000 per month (US $247) and 25% are unemployed.

2nd June          Pietermaritzburg, South Africa           Source:
PMB casino 'not doing enough about addicts'
The Golden Horse Casino that receives 2,500 visitors a day has apparently not referred a single customer to Gamblers Anonymous since opening in 1991.

28th May          KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa         Source:
Casino group gives money in aid of education

26th May          Johannesburg, South Africa           Source: Business Day
Global Resorts courts new offers
Black empowerment consortium Metallon Corporation has apparently run into funding problems after making a bid last december for Global Resorts.

22nd May          Eastern Cape, South Africa          Source: The Dispatch Online
Man held after gambling machines confiscated

22nd May          Cape Town, South Africa          Source: The Independent Online/Cape Times
Poverty MEC slams slot machine roll-out
W Cape welfare MEC outraged at slots proposal
The Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board plans to  site 3,000 LPM's at Taverns, Hotels and Shebeens throughout the province is raising concerns that the machines are targeting the poor.

18th May          Cape Town, South Africa           Source:
Democratic Alliance to probe Casino Councillor

16th May          Durban, South Africa           Source: The Mercury
R700m Sibaya casino project unveiled
The R727 million Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom is due to open in October 2004. It will be Durban's second casino and have 1,000 slots and 37 tables.

13th May          South Africa          Source: The Wall Street Transcript
CFO of Gold Reef Casino Resorts discusses development of South African gaming industry
Interview with Jarrold S Friedman Chief Financial Officer of Gold Reef Casino Resorts Limited.

12th May          Kampala, Uganda         Source: The New Vision
Kampala Casino Aids Ear Patient

10th May       Bloemfontein, Free State       Source:
Free State officials gambled
The CEO of the Free State Gambling Board has suspended 2 officers and is recommending that they be prosecuted.

9th May          South Africa        Source: Business
Kersaf raises stake in Sun International

26th April          South Africa          Source: Independent Online
Casino robbers hit the sweet spot
Armed robbers have targeted the Sugarmill casino at Mount Edgecombe for the second time. The amount stolen is thought to be R160,000.

20th April          South Africa        Source: Independent Online/Saturday Star
Gambling boosts economy, but hits budgets
The study " The Economic Impact of Legalised Gambling in South Africa" commissioned by the National Gambling Board was released last week. Website:

18th April          Johannesburg, South Africa        Source: The Independent Online
R1m Easter nest egg for lucky casino visitor

17th April          South Africa         Source:
Gambling new national sport?
The South African National Gambling Board has revealed that gambling spend has risen from R6.8 billion in 2001 to R10.6 billion for the first 10 months of 2002.

14th April          South Africa         Source: Business Day
Sun International hands 3,5% of group to workers
SISA has some 6,200 employees and has casino operations in 6 of the 9 South African regions.

12th April          Cape Town, South Africa          Source: Independent Online/Weekend Argus
Amorous Cape Town pair go bonkers in casino

8th April          South Africa          Source: Business Day
Tsogo Sun Holdings considers listing

7th April          Cape Town, South Africa           Source: Independent Online/The Mercury
Odds favour cameras in casino sex session

7th April          Kampala, Uganda           Source: The New Vision
Kampala Casino aids two children

1st April          South Africa         Source: Independent Online
Lottery operator seeks to tighten security

26th March          Johannesburg          Source: The Independent Online/SAPA
Mandela's neighbour guilty of running casino
The fine was R2,500 or 100 days in prison. Apparently a number of games including Backgammon & Rummy had been modified for gaming purposes.

23rd March          South Africa & London          Source: The Times Online
Sun King heralds return to heart of the empire
Bullied boy detected taste for a gamble
Detailed look at the assets and plans of Kerzner International. Founder Sol Kerzner intends re-entering the South African market.

21st March           Johannesburg, South Africa          Source: Business
Gambling helps Gold Reef Casino Resorts

18th March           Johannesburg, South Africa         Source: & Mail & Guardian
SA casinos form an association
Casino operators band together
The founding members of the Casino Association of South Africa are Balele Leisure, Emerald Safari Resorts, Gold Reef Group, Global Resorts, Sun International, Tsogo Sun and Tusk Resorts.

14th March           Gabarone, Botswana          Source: Northern Light/All Africa
Hotel Legend in talks with Debswana
Sol Kerzner is in talks with Botswana's multi-billion dollar diamond company Debswana about the development of three tourist hotels in the country.

8th March           Johannesburg, South Africa         Source:
Gambling board boss resigns
Sfiso Buthelezi CEO of the National Gambling Board has resigned to pusue opportunities in the private sector.

5th March           South Africa          Source: iAfrica Business
Kersaf earnings up, losses also rise

4th March           Cape Town, South Africa          Source: Business Day
Mpumalanga leads in gambling stakes
The MGB and SA Bureau of Standards have completed a series of trials on the required central monitoring system for LPM's.

27th February           Johannesburg, South Africa           Source: Northern Light/Business Day
The Kerzners Are Back, This Time Eyeing Classy Markets

26th February           Johannesburg, South Africa          Source: Northern Light/Business Day
'Kerzner's Return Will Help SA Market'
Peter Bacon Managing Director of Sun International believes the re-entry of his former boss Sol Kerzner into the South African market will be positive for the leisure sector.

25th February           Cape Town, South Africa          Source: Northern Light/Business Day
Moribo Cuts Losses On Payout Machines, Releases Cautionary

24th February           Johannesburg, South Africa          Source: SABC &
Improved results for Sun International
Sun shines on Sun International

21st February           Johannesburg, South Africa          Source: Business Day
Sun International interims postponed

20th February           East London, South Africa         Source: The Dispatch Online
East London casino gamblers can ban themselves

19th February           Johannesburg          Source:
Man tells court illicit gambling was friendly gaming

16th February           India & South Africa          Source:
Police Pounce On Bookmakers

16th February          Cape Town, South Africa        Source: South African Sunday Times
Slain gambler had four wives

15th February         Durban, South Africa        Source: The Independent /Business Report
Tsogo Sun's news casino goes into next phase - Suncoast Casino

14th February         Pietermaritzburg, South Africa       Source: The Independent/The Mercury
Assets must be forfeited
An application before a Pietermaritzburg High Court could lead to the assets of former casino operator Sunny Gayadin being seized.

13th February         Mombassa, Kenya        Source: Northern Light/The Nation
Tourist Couple Gets Cash Back
A German couple who rumbled an apparent illegal Bingo game at their hotel have been compensated for being evicted from the premises.

4th February         Johannesburg          Source: Northern Light/Sunday Times
Betsmen Hope for Big Scores
The Cricket World Cup gets underway in less than one week. Gaming floor tips 2nd favourite South Africa to win the competition. 3.65 at

31st January         Gambia          Source:
Shut All Casinos Down
Hamat Bah, National Assembly Member for Upper Saloum has called on the Gambian government to close all casinos and gambling houses in the country.

28th January         Nairobi, Kenya           Source: Northern Light/All Africa
Couple Evicted for Exposing Illegal Gambling
Amazing tale of two German tourists being evicted from their hotel for uncovering an apparent Bingo scam.

21st January         Nelspuit, South Africa          Source: Northern Light/African Eye
Mpumalanga Suspends Gaming Board Chief
According to statistcs in the article, the Mpumalanga Gaming Board costs R11,6 million per year to run and Casinos and slots generate R12,5 million in tax revenue.

18th January         Kampala, Uganda          Source: Northern Light/All Africa
Online Gambling Project in Offing

15th January           South Africa          Source: Business Day
SISA hotels, casinos perform well - Sun International SA (SISA)

15th January           Kampala, Uganda           Source: Northern Light/The Monitor
On-Line Gambling Comes to Uganda

13th January           South Africa          Source: Northern Light/Business Day
Garden Route Casino Off to a 'Fantastic' Start

13th January           Caledon, South Africa          Source: Yahoo/PRNewswire
Century Casinos Increases Ownership of Its South African Operation to 100%

7th January           Mozambique          Source: Northern Light/All Africa
Cardoso Murder: The Polana Casino And the Satar's Money

3rd January          Kimberly, South Africa         Source: The Star/Independent Online
Rugby player electrocuted after falling into fountain
The accident happened on New Years Eve at the Flamingo Casino located in Kimberly, Northern Cape.
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