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January - June 2002

28th June       Hong Kong       Source: Northern Light/Xinhua
HK tycoon pulls out of gambling giant in Macao
Henry Fok will donate his shares in the company and U.S.$2.5 million in cash to the Macao Henry Fok Foundation

28th June       Hong Kong & Las Vegas      Source: Hong Kong iMail
Partners reveal $4.4b casino stake

26th June       Macau      Source: Yahoo/AP
Las Vegas casino operator to create new 'Venice' in Macau 

26th June       Macau       Source: Reuters Asia
U.S. gaming mogul Adelson inks Macau casino deal
Galaxy Casino has a 20 year contract and will invest at least 8.8 billion Patacas (US$1.1 billion) in two resort projects to be opened by June 2006.

25th June       Las Vegas & Macau       Source: Las Vegas Sun & Las Vegas Review Journal/AP
Wynn joining forces with Okada - Adelson to sign separate pact for Macau resort
Kingpins to square off Steve Wynn's competition is longtime operator 
Kazuo Okada is the owner and President of the Tokio based Aruze Corp that manufactures Pachinko machines. He is listed as Japan's 9th richest person.

25th June       Macau & Las Vegas       Source: Yahoo Singapore/AP
Las Vegas Casino Operator To Sign Deal Wed For Macau Ops
The Associated Press reports that Galaxy Casino Co. the third of the contract winners will be signing their deal with the Macau Government on Wednesday.

25th June       Macau      Source: Voice of America News
Macao Resort-Casino Deal Finalized

24th June       Macau & Las Vegas       Source: Las Vegas Review Journal
Wynn, Macau sign contract - Deal requires $512.8 million investment within seven years

24th June       Macau       Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
U.S. gaming mogul Wynn signs casino pact in Macau

24th June       Macau       Source: Yahoo/AP
Las Vegas casino boss signs deal that will put him right next to Macau rival
Yahoo/AP photos - Steve Wynn & Francis Tam | Wynn & Edmund Ho I Wynn signing

24th June       Macau      Source: Northern Light/Xinhua
US Tycoon to Run Casinos in Macao for 20 Years
Wynn Resorts will invest a total of 4 billion patacas ($500 million) in Macau over the next 7 years with the first Hotel & Casino scheduled to open in 2006.

24th June       Las Vegas & Macau     Source:
Wynn promises Las Vegas touch for Macau

23rd June       Macau & Las Vegas       Source: Las Vegas Sun/AP & Yahoo/Reuters
Las Vegas casino boss secures new turf in Macau
Wynn to Ink Casino Pact in Macau Monday

20th June       Macau       Source: Reuters Travel
East-West fusion on South China coast

20th June       Hong Kong & Macau       Source:
Stanley Ho's secret weapon
A very rare and detailed look at the properties and businesses owned and run by Dr. Stanley Ho and members of the Ho family.  In the future there will be increased competition in the casino market but it would appear many of his other ventures will be big winners from an increase in tourist numbers.

17th June       Macau       Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Macau logs 4.6 million visitor arrivals Jan-May
Macau's 11 casinos generated 2.24 billion patacas (US$280million) in tax revenue for the Government in the first four months of the year, an increase of 15% over 2001.

16th June       Macau & Hong Kong       Source: Yahoo/AP
Macau racing horse slaughter sparks outrage

15th June       Macau & Nevada       Source: Las Vegas Review Journal
Regulators leery of problems in Macau - Some see troubled environment for gambling interests

12th June        Macau        Source:
Revamp of Macau gaming scene brings new hope
Nevada's near 500 casinos won US$9.5 billion in 2001, Macau's 11 casinos won US$2.5 billion - an average daily win of $622,000 per property.
Yahoo/AP photos - Casino Lisboa, Macau

4th June        Macau       Source:
Macao Gov't to Sign Pacts With Casino License Winners is very much aimed at the Chinese expatriate community.  When I visited the story the page was saturated with Casino-on-net banners.

25th May        Macau      Source:
Macao Official on Hong Kong Bets Ban

23rd May        Hong Kong & Macau       Source: Hong Kong iMail
'Bullied' Ho hits out at bets ban

22nd May        Macau       Source: Northern Light/AFX-ASIA
Shun Tak to use Taipa land to build hotel/casino 

8th May       Macau       Source: Macau Government website
Technical issues in the gaming concessionary contracts settled

8th May       Macau       Source: Yahoo/AP
U.S. official: Vegas casinos in Macau will bring law enforcement challenges

21st April       Hong Kong       Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Macau bets future on Asia's high rollers

13th April       Macau        Source: China Daily/Business Weekly - April 9th
Macao mogul inks profitable casino deal
Dr Stanley Ho''s SJM will be allowed to operate 11 casinos with a review on the numbers after 5 years.

10th April       Macau        Source: Yahoo/Singapore
Macau economic growth boosted by casinos
Win at Dr Stanley Ho's 11 casinos was up 13.7% in 2001. There was a 12.2% growth in the number of visitor arrivals to a record 10.2 million.

3rd April       Macau       Source: Yahoo/Forbes
Henry Fok Wants A Kinder, Gentler Macau
HK tycoon Fok to sell stake in Macau casinos
The 78 year old tycoon originally invested $51,000 in Stanley Ho's casino project. Today his 27% share  is thought to be worth in the region of $800 million.

2nd April       Macau       Source: Xinua News Agency
Henry Fok to Pull Out of Macao Casinos
Macao Casinos Pay Record High Tax in 2001

1st April       Macau        Source:
Solo reign officially over but Stanley Ho still king of Macau
Gamblers oblivious to historic casino deadline Busy night at tables as monopoly ends
Dr Stanley Ho's Sociedade de Jogos de Macau has begun its new 18 year contract. 35% of win will go to the Macau Government plus a further 3% to fund cultural events and development. All 11 casinos will remain open.

31st March       Macau & Las Vegas        Source:
Director of casino bidder drops out

28th March        Macau        Source: Northern Light/Xinhua & Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Macao Tycoon Gets 18-Year Casino Business Contract
Macau mogul Ho signs 18-year casino contract
Dr. Stanley Ho has apparently signed the new contract with the Macau Government, and will continue to operate his existing 11 casinos retaining all casino staff.

26th March       Macau       Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Macau sees deal with casino king signed on March 31
Dr.Stanley Ho's STDM will continue to operate his 11 casinos. Negotiations are continuing with Wynn Resorts (Macau) and Galaxy Casino.

25th March       Macau        Source: Hong Kong iMail
Casino bids in balance
Wynn Resorts and Galaxy are apparently reluctant to sign a contract lasting just 15 years. The substitutes including MP Entertainment and Grand Macau Gaming are now on stand by.

23rd March       Nevada & Macau       Source: Northern Light/Wass Street Journal
Casino deal in Macau likely to be given a tough look

22nd March       Macau       Source: Hoovers Online
Gambling graduates are the name of the game

22nd March       Las Vegas & Macau     Source: Las Vegas Sun
Venetian reveals option to back out of Macau

22nd March       Macau       Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Macau casino monopoly's profit up 28 percent
2001 win was $229 million on a drop of US$2.5 billion. Officials estimating that three quarters of Macau's 10.2 million total visitors frequented the casinos.

8th March       Macau & Las Vegas        Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Macau casino plan draws investor interest

7th March      Kuala Lumpur        Source: Northern Light/AFX-ASIA
Genting - No agreement to acquire stake in Wynn's Macau casino concession

6th March      Macau & Las Vegas        Source: Las Vegas Sun
Ex-partner threatens lawsuit against Adelson

6th March      Kuala Lumpur & Las Vegas       Source: Northern Light/AFX-Asia
Genting higher on speculation of Macau casino jv talks with Wynn

5th March     Luala Lumpur & Macau      Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Malaysia's Genting up as Macau casino talk revives
Interesting story about a rumoured interest in Steve Wynn's company that was successful licese bidder.

1st March      Hong Kong       Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
CNAC gambles on Macau becoming Vegas of the Orient

28th February      Macau & Las Vegas      Source: Hong Kong iMail
Casino firms vetted over criminal links

27th February      Hong Kong & Macau      Source:
Vegas Strip to get Macau makeover

26th February      Macau      Source: Hong Kong iMail
Henry Fok to sell casino stake amid war of words

22nd February      Macau      Source: & Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Macau casinos hit the big time
Vegas moguls vow billion dollar makeover for Macau

21st February      Macau      Source: FT Global Archive/
Casino king inspired by Lan Kwai Fong
Yahoo Entertainment Photos - Steve Wynn & Alan Zeman

21st February      Macau      Source: Las Vegas Sun &
Vegas casino boss checks out new turf in Macau
Suspected car bomb rocks Macau - First major incident in 2 years comes as U.S. investors tour

17th February      Macau       Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
China's Li Peng applauds Macau on casino gamble

16th February      Macau      Source: Yahoo Singapore/China Online
Las Vegas blitz to hit Macau casinos

15th February      Macau      Source:
Night for truce in casino feud

14th February      Hong Kong       Source: Northern Light/AFX-Asia
Macau firm to use decommissioned Ukrainian aircraft carrier as casino - report
Google search for images - Varyag

12th February      Las Vegas & Macau      Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters & Las Vegas Review Journal
Las Vegas casino owner sets sail for Macau
Lawless spirit may make Macau tricky - Professor: LV casino execs should tread carefully

11th February       Macau      Source: Thailand's Business Daily
Casino industry sees new players

10th February       Macau & New York       Source: - Faces in the News
Faces In The News: Feb. 8, 2002  - Dr Stanley Ho & Donald Trump

9th February       Las Vegas & Macau       Source: Yahoo/Business Wire
Galaxy and Venetian Granted a Provisional Concession for Macau Gaming License

10th February      Macau       Source:
Las Vegas gambling empires win two of three licenses for Macau casinos

9th February      Macau       Source: Yahoo/Reuters
Vegas showman trumps rivals for Macau casino license

8th February    Macau    Source: FT Global Archive/BBC Monitoring Service
Macao government to hold further negotiations on casino contracts

8th February      Hong Kong      Source: Northern Light/AP
US Casino Firms Nab Macau Licenses

8th February      Macau      Source: Macau Government website - 8.43 GMT
Tender Committee for Gaming Concession tender anounced the provisional results of the tender

8th February      Macau      Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Macau awards three new casino licences
Photo - Francis Tam Pak-yuen, president of Macau's Tender Committee for Gaming Concessions

8th February      Macau      Source: Northern Light/Xinhua
Backgrounder: Bidding for Casino Licenses in Macao

8th February      Macau      Source: Northern Light/Xinhua
1stlead: Macao Posts List of Winners, Substitutes in Bidding for Casino Licenses

8th February        Macau        Source: Northern Light/Xinhua & AFX-Asia - 8.10am GMT
Outcome of Bidding for Casino Licenses in Macao
STDM, Wynn Resorts Macau, Galaxy Casino Co win Macau casino licences

Articles below were before the February 8th 2002 announcement of the Provisional license winners

8th February      Macau      Source: YahooBusiness/Reuters
Macau casino king Stanley Ho set to win another wager
Yahoo/AP file photo of Dr Stanley Ho.

8th February      Macau      Source: Yahoo/Reuters
Macau sees "Las Vegas" makeover from new casinos

8th February      Macau
The Tender Committee for gaming concessions has set up a live video feed for the press conference announcing the provisional results. 4pm local time. 8am GMT. Midnight PST.
Time in Hong Kong

8th February      Macau       Source: China - Peoples Daily
Macao to Announce List of Winners of Casino Licenses

7th February      Macau       Source: & Yahoo Singapore
Macau to deal out lucrative casino licenses Friday
Macau prepares to announce winners of casino tenders
4pm local time (8am GMT) is apparently the time the vital announcement will be made. Three companies will be chosen with three more on standby.

7th February      Las Vegas & Macau       Source: Yahoo/Reuters
Las Vegas casinos poised to set sail for Macau

7th February      Hong Kong       Source: Northern Light/AFX-Asia
United Power higher ahead of Macau casino licence bid results

6th February      Macau       Source:
Macau may bet on Las Vegas Glitz to revive fortunes

24th January      Macau      Source: China - Peoples Daily
Deadline Set for Reshuffle of Bidders for New Casino Licenses in Macao

23rd January      Macau      Source:
Macau Hopes Bids By MGM Mirage, Wynn Resorts Will Boost Economy

17th January      Macau       Source: Northern Light/Xinhua
Macao Pins Hope on Opener Gambling, Tourism

16th January      Malayia & Macau      Source: Malaysian Star
Genting Unit Shortlisted In Macau
Full list of the 9 company's still part of the bidding process.

9th January      Macau       Source: China - Peoples Daily
Macao SAR Government to Issue New Casino Licenses Soon
February 12th looks to be the day of the announcement. There are 18 company's still competing for the three licenses.

7th January      Macau       Source: Scotland on Sunday
Las Vegas turns tables on Macau’s king of gamblers
Interesting look at gaming in Macau in the run up to the announcement of the three new licensee's. "many are calling it the ‘real’ handover, far more important to the territory’s future than the return to China in 1999". 

5th January      Macau       Source:
Hong Kong's Stanley Ho Sweetens Macau Casino License Proposal
Winning bids for the 3 gaming licenses in the  SAR of Macau are expected to be announced in February.
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