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January - February 2003
Problem Gambling

27th February           New Zealand          Source:
Lawyer jailed after gambling $1.1m of client's money

26th February           New Zealand          Source: New Zealand Herald
Lobby group claim pokie machines flooding NZ

25th February           Nevada          Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Betting addiction measure debated - Bill would set up account for programs to help problem bettors

25th February           Edmonton, Alberta          Source: Sun
No dice for bigger casino? - Project support questioned in light of alarming link between gambling and suicides
The chances of Gateway Casinos obtaining permission to relocate and expand the Baccarat casino in Edmonton have been dealt a blow with the release of statistics showing 10% of suicides in Alberta are linked to gambling.

24th February           Ottawa, Canada          Source: CNEWS/
Gambling: Lawsuits argue social costs
Suicide linked to gambling

24th February           Gambling Trends          Source: Las Vegas Sun
LVCVA says locals spending more on gambling
Children start gambling as young as 11, study says
Gambling, suicides linked in Canadian reports

24th February           Ottawa, Canada          Source: Sun
Quebec City man launching class-action suit against electronic morphine
A pending lawsuit in Quebec alleges that Loto-Quebec should compensate some 119,000 VLT addicts for counselling and legal fees. 
Seniors lured by gambling
Gaming addictions hurt poor

23rd February           Connecticut          Source: Herald Tribune - Letter
Social costs of casino gambling are well documented

23rd February           Alberta, Canada          Source: Toronto Star/CP
New numbers link gambling, suicide

22nd February           Canada          Source:
New statistics link gambling to suicide deaths in higher number of cases
In depth and very detailed article. In Alberta over the last 3 years, gambling is mentioned as a probable cause in the files of 148 of 1,330 suicides.

22nd February           Florida          Source: Orlando Sentinel &
Urge to gamble afflicts all races
Experts raise gambling worries
Report from the 10th annual conference of the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling

21st February           Chester, England          Source: Chester Chronicle
Betting manager stole for addictions

21st February           Indiana          Source: USA Today
Gambler says casino played him
The closely watched case of an addicted gambler who lost $175,000 in three years will go to a Federal court in Indiana in April.

17th February           South Australia         Source: The Advertiser
$1.8m a day lost in poker machine haze
Rofe vows to rein in workday gambling
South Australia has 14,804 gaming machines in 599 venues. Estimates are that citizens will lose A$673 million in 2002/3. The state standing to gain A$240.8 million in gambling taxes.

17th February           Problem Gambling - Canada        Source: London Free Press
Gambling addiction led teen to crime

16th February           California          Source: San Francisco Chronicle
Gambling addiction fund unspent - Millions intended for fallout from Indian casino boom

13th February         Southern Nevada         Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Problem gambling's social costs high, report says
An independent study by the faculty and staff at UNLV puts the social costs of problem gambling in Southern Nevada at between $300 & $450 million.
Problem gambling graphic - an illustration of the costs and numbers.

9th February         Queens, New York          Source: New York Post
Gamble $hambles
Story of an Elevator companies bookeeper allegedly skimming $2.3 million and losing most of it in Atlantic City.

9th February         Australia           Source: The Herald Sun
Dealing with an addicted gambler

4th February         Australia        Source: The Melbourne Age/AAP
Huge rise in gambling losses
Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has found that gambling spend rose 86% between 1996 and 2002 to a record A$5.43 billion.

3rd February         Indiana         Source: Indianapolis Star
Gambling blamed in embezzlement charge

3rd February         Problem Gambling - Switzerland         Source: Yahoo Germany/AP
Lotterieautomaten mit grossem Suchtpotenzial
Beratungsstelle für Spielsüchtige rege benutzt
97% of those seeking help for gambling related problems in Switzerland are slot machine players. Proposals are for all gambling devices (presently around 6,000) to be removed from bars and restaurants by 2005.

2nd February         U.S. Gambling         Source: The Indianapolis Star/New York Times
More people gambling, study finds - Lotteries are biggest draw, while casinos take the most money out of their pockets
The latest study shows that 82% of adult Americans gambled in the last year. In 1975 and 1998 the figures were 61% and 63% respectively.

30th January         Arizona          Source: Las Vegas Sun/AP
Arizona Lottery studies problem gambling

27th January         London          Source: Yahoo/AP
Finance chief who stole from airline is jailed for six years

27th January         Georgia          Source: Las Vegas Sun/AP
Georgia study finds lottery hurts the poor

21st January         Gambling research          Source: Northern Light/Christian Science Monitor
Where it stops, nobody knows
Costs vs. benefits of betting
The Christian Science Monitor takes a look at gambling opportunities available to U.S. citizens and the potential pitfalls for those who become addicted.

19th January         Austria          Source:
Compulsive gambler refunded losses
The Supreme Court in Vienna has ordered Casinos Austria to refund £33,000 to a player  who visited their casinos 700 times over a two year period.

15th January           London          Source:, & Fox Sports
PFA 'Concerned' about gambling among players
Football's Wild Cards Dice With Danger
Veteran Adams warns of EPL player gambling addictions

14th January           New Zealand          Source: New Zealand Herald
More gamblers seeking help
The New Zealand Gambling Problem Helpline had 4,715 new callers last year - up 23.6% on 2001.

14th January           Kentucky & Indiana           Source: The Courier-Journal
Woman stole from retired priest to gamble Riverboats' patron must repay $89,650 

14th January           Austria           Source: The Independent Online
Casino to pay for compulsive gambler's losses
In a recent ruling the  Austrian Supreme Court has ruled that Casinos Austria should pay back half of a players  €100,000 losses after failing check on his financial status.

13th January           London          Source: Yahoo/AP
Gudjohnsen says he lost 400,000 pounds gambling
Chelsea's Icelandic striker is on a reported salary of £20K a week.

13th January           Ontario          Source: Northern Light/Canada NewsWire
Deadline nears for RGCO's 2003 Excellence in Achievement Awards
RGCO is the Responsible Gambling Council (Ontario). Website:

10th January           Melbourne & Adelaide          Source: The Herald Sun & Melbourne Age
Casino robber's life on the run - must read!
VIP robber given trip to casino, court told
The amazing and disturbing story of the alleged Crown Casino robber Thomas Mangos. Whilst on the run he managed to turn over almost $1 million in 13 days gambling at Adelaide's Sky City casino.

9th January           New Zealand         Source:
Access to gaming machines too easy - lobby group
New Zealand punters lost NZ$1.6 billion ($850,000 million) in 2002, a 14% increase on 2001. Gaming machines located outside casinos recorded a 32% rise to NZ$777 million.

6th January           Indiana         Source: Indianapolis Star
The hidden costs of gaming expansion

5th January           Port Richey, Florida         Source: St. Petersburg Times
By chance, group hits jackpot with gambling addiction sign

4th January          Sydney          Source: The Australian
'Gambling led to bank raid bid'
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