An Insignt Into the Gambling World


Casino Employees

CasinosHonestly, we don't want to imagine the amount of stress casino workers go through everyday. The things they witness and listen to are crazy. You have the fights, the hookups, people breaking up and some getting married. Honestly, this sounds too tiring for a single human. And the thing is, they cannot relax. They have to be on look out at all moments, controlling security and making sure that some devious players don't cheat while playing.

It doesn't sound like an exciting time right? The thing is casino worker work according some rules so that they won't have issues later. Many punters gave committed fraud and as such, have caused significant losses for casinos. When these casinos incur the losses, the workers are always the ones blamed.

So many of them lose their jobs after all the drama. And after losing their jobs, some of these workers don't care about loyalty any more and give out all the Casino's secrets to reporters.

Now we are going to go through those well kept secrets, the ones the workers couldn't spill while they were still employees.

The Casino's Objective: Making You Lose Focus On the Outside World

We are definitely not the first to say that physical casinos warp people's minds and corrupt theit sense of time (you don't know how much time you've spent at the casino because you have no clocks). It might even make you question the reality of the outside world.

You have everything you need in the casino. There's food, there are drinks and premium fun. As a result of all these things, you don't feel like you're in some kind of prison. Instead, the thrill (and the hope you'll win the jackpot!) makes you keep going.

There Is No Such Thing As Random In the Casino

Maybe you didn't know this before, but everything is already planned when it comes to the concept in casinos. The constructors and designers set up every single area in the casino to match its objective. This way, you won't spend a long time looking for something. You will just go right in to the game you want to play and start letting the cash go. The way the poker tables and slot machines are placed is not random at all. For example, you will find the gaming machines which yield the most in the most eye-catching areas. Because obviously those are the areas that catch people's glances when they get into the casinos.

Also, another thing that is very important is the decor! The flashy and bright colors help attract people and when placed in the right areas, could bring a lot of revenue to the casino.

The Slots Are Definitely Not Equal

You will always hear how all slot machines are the same. But the truth is, they are not. First of all, video slots don't give out much because their payout rate is lower than the that of the classic slot. But let's base this on visuals. A player who doesn't have much experience would be attracted to the beaming lights of this video slots and might choose it over the classic slot.

In this way, video slots have the power to captivate you with the beaming and flashy colors. And because of this, you would actually be spending more than you are earning. That's one way that casinos use to make their profits higher and reduce payouts.

Let's Keep It Low-key

Honestly you might not see them. But they are always there, undercover officers. They are dressed to fit into the crowd and they have one mission. Cop out the crime lords who want to show off their illegally acquired riches to the public. In a lot of places, there is a high risk of bumping into a federal agent or an undercover cop. So if a casino resort (or Las Vegas) is on your vacation list, make sure that you remember that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”!

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas

All the casino employees we have spoken to have one experience in common: they have all witnessed sexual intercourse. It is almost like the players and visitors have this unbidden feeling to have sex right in the view of others without a thought. And wherever they can see a smooth surface, they sniff up drugs. Let's not leave out the alcohol and all the puking they are doing. Yes Since City really deserves its name.

But some employees have seen even worse that the aforementioned acts. You would find people who are playing a very intense game and they judge that even leaving to attend to their human needs is too much of a risk. You would see some people with adult diapers on. But the worst part is that some of these people don't care. They just let go. Yes. Right in the middle of building, whetrevr they are, they let go. Because they are afraid of putting their jackpot at risk. We guess , when the thrill of victory calls, there is nothing you will not do to catch it.

Tipping, A Whole Issue

Have you ever wondered if you have to tip when playing in a physical casino? Well you need not wonder any more. The dealer has to receive your tip. We even got it from them that more than 70% of the money they earn comes from tips alone.

It is an unspoken rule. You have to make the dealer want to actually see you win. This will make your game much more easier. If you and the dealer have an off relationship, there's a risk of you losing more than winning, no matter how experienced and skilled you are.

This unspoken rule also exists when it comes to waitresses and servers. In casinos, you get free drinks when you are playing. How are the drinks free you ask? Well it's course of the players who are on losing streaks. So if you're the kind of person who just wants to have fun and sneak in a couple of free drinks while you're at it, you will very definitely find that the servers are avoiding you. Also, you would see them where they are more likely to get tips because most of the money they earn comes from tips. So be generous!

Everything Is Not What It Seems When It Comes To Rewards

When you hear about the awesome things VIP members get, you might get really hyper. But the reward system is not that straightforward. We realized one thing. If you keep spending money, you will get great casino comp points. If you finally achieve the unachievable (not really) and get to the highest level, you can get super offers like getting transferred to a facility cross country, free dinners at the best restaurants and many more. You can get this as a top player once a year. But to become a top player, you will need to spread out the BIG bucks.

You should always remember that nothing is completely free. So yes, you night feel important because of the drinks being offered to you freely but this doesn't work to your advantage. The casino wants you drunk. When you're drunk, your senses don't work as well. And you might make a ton of losing bets. But guess who's winning? Yep. The casino.

And Remember. Big Brother Is Always Watching

We got it from a casino employee that casinos would rather invest in a new video poker machine than remove money to get a security surveillance system. This is quite contradictory since no casino wants to lose. But the thing is, they don't quite care about the petty cheats. But if you are the type who wants to cheat big time, you might get caught by management.

Most of the big casinos in Las Vegas have more than 1,500 cameras in their establishments so as to watch every movement, and alongside that, more than 45 monitors. The thing is, not a lot of people sit and watch the action. These cameras are mostly used to check whatever happened in the past or to make sure that a player who is winning too much is not cheating. For example, when there is a table that loses too much money, the monitors are there to go through the tape and have an understanding on what actually happened.

So, you won't see casinos kicking every cheater out of the establishments. For instance, if you see someone card counting really badly, then you'd know there's no chance of them winning a lot. Here, the administration wouldn't bother themselves much. Just let the cheat keep playing without making a big deal over it.


Remember to keep this phrase in mind when playing at a casino; the house always wins! No, we are not referring to the chances you have at winning while playing different games. We are talking about how the administration ensures that no matter how much the players are making, the casino always makes more.

This is why it might be better to play online instead. Yes with online casinos, you choose whether to get drunk, you don't have to deal with devious dealers, you are not being watched by thousands of surveillance cameras and lastly, you don't have to see anyone! It is a great idea for people who are introverted and who want to stay with all their earnings.